Federal Way Discount Guns

Shooting Nights

Tuesday Nights:

Tactical Defensive Shooting Night: 6:00 - 8:00PM. Shoot your tactical rifles, handguns or shotgunsin our open/ tactical bay.  We set up botha static and movement courses that changes each week using house and car doors,barrels, tires and other obstacles. Zero in your rifle on our static side and learn/practice: shooting on the move, weapon transitions and reload drills in acontrolled, safe and supervised environment. You have the option of beingtimed.

Entrance Fee $25.00

Tuesday ALL DAY:

Ladies Day: 1/2 Priced Ladies Day.  Come in and enjoy practicing with other like minded women.  

Wednesday Nights:

Steel Plate Night: 6:00 - 8:30 pm. Come and shoot steel plates in our Tactical Bay. Each person shoots timed qualification rounds, then shoots against other shooters until there is a winner.

Entrance Fee $20.00 (each additional gun $5).

Wednesday ALL Day:

Free Handgun Rental: Rent any handgun caliber 22 to 44 Magnum for free Ammunition not included and must be purchased at the Range that day.